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Re: FTP timeouts while mirorring with debmirror

Klaus Klein <k.klein@gmx.de> writes:

> Hi all,
> I occasionally mirror either from 'ftp2.de.debian.org' or
> 'ftp.de.debian.org' with the following script:
>  #!/bin/bash
>  set -o pipefail
>  source="ftp2.de.debian.org"
>  # source="ftp.de.debian.org"
>  target="/srv/ftp"
>  logdir=$target/log
You do realize that debmirror supports a conffile, right?

> I then realized that the timeout always occurs when debmirror starts
> to get a file ($ret = $ftp->get($file, $file);) but never while a file
> is retrieved.
> Before I start to dig my way further down into this (ftp?) problem, I would like to ask if someone else experiences the same problem or if this is my own personal 'bug'. :-)
> Cheers, Klaus

If you do look into this you should look into the perl code for the
ftp module and not debmirror. I don't think I use it wrongly.

That said how about using http? ftp is probably the worst protocol for


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