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Re: FTP timeouts while mirorring with debmirror

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
Klaus Klein <k.klein@gmx.de> writes:
I occasionally mirror either from 'ftp2.de.debian.org' or
'ftp.de.debian.org' with the following script:

 set -o pipefail
 # source="ftp.de.debian.org"
You do realize that debmirror supports a conffile, right?

Another well kept secret. :-(
It's not mentioned in 'man debmirror', 'info debmirror' nor 'debmirror --help'. Did I miss anything?

'man debmirror.conf' doesn't give me any info about the content of a /etc/debmirror.conf or /$home/debmirror.conf (just found those within the perl code) either. :-(

I then realized that the timeout always occurs when debmirror starts
to get a file ($ret = $ftp->get($file, $file);) but never while a file
is retrieved.
Before I start to dig my way further down into this (ftp?) problem, I would like to ask if someone else experiences the same problem or if this is my own personal 'bug'. :-)
If you do look into this you should look into the perl code for the
ftp module and not debmirror. I don't think I use it wrongly.

Never said it would be your fault. ;-)
I guess that since that it used to work fine and nothing changed on my side, that it's either an issue with my provider or with the servers.
Therefore I raised the question if someone else had experienced the same problem (which would indicate a server issue) or not (which would make me start to look into ftp sessions with other servers to rule out the provider)

BTW, I in between modified the perl code a bit and, if a timeout occurs, initialize the fpt session and retry the download (up to five times). It shows that with one retry the according file and the next (approx.) 80 to 90 MB are downloaded until the next timeout.
That said how about using http? ftp is probably the worst protocol for

http works fine, unfortunately it doesn't show the hash symbol to indicate the progress during the download of a file. :-(

Why do you think that ftp is the worst protocol for debmirror?


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