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Re: Dependence on debiantools

"MU"  == Matus UHLAR <- fantomas <uhlar@fantomas.sk>>
"CMC" == C.M. Connelly <cmc@math.hmc.edu>

    CMC> On Red Hat style systems, the functionality of savelog is
    CMC> provided by logrotate.

    MU> Does RedHat have differeng logrotate, script similar to
    MU> savelog, or you have just misunderstood what functionality
    MU> does savelog provide?

My statement was a restatement of something from
Red Hat systems don't provide a script for rotating logs outside
of logrotate; if you want to rotate a log, they expect you to set
up rotation using logrotate.  As logrotate can be run from the
command line using a configuration file, it can be used as a
replacement for savelog.


  Claire Connelly                              cmc@math.hmc.edu
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