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Re: report to ftpsync a patch to avoid the use the lockfile programm

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Joerg Jaspert wrote:
>>> If we are forced to use the shell find/touch method, we aren't atomic
>>> anymore anyway. And what should i link to? Also, its the less preferred
>>> method.
>> ln -s $LOCK $$
>> There's no need to use find either, ln either creates the link or it
>> fails (even if there's already one).
> This is ugly, creates a symlink to a non-existant file.

I don't see how that could be ugly; you can ln -s $LOCK /proc/$$/status if you
insist on wanting it to point to something.

> Well. Ive taken a different way entirely in shell that, for this use
> case, is more than atomic enough, i think.[1]
> [1] Really, the worst that could happen is two rsyncs running at once.

Which is what I though you wanted to avoid.

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