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Re: klecker mirror checker

On Fri July 11 2008 07:58:01 Ricardo Yanez wrote:
> I have shaped the traffic in the past, but the problem of doing it
> locally was that the computing department started shaping it as well,
> continuously cranking up and down the flow knobs depending on who was
> complaining. I guess the ups and downs corresponded to a period when
> they were adjusting the balance to keep everybody happy. So, we have
> preferred to be in good terms with them, and to ask nicely not to shape
> our link too aggressively. But, I will bring this idea up. I really
> doubt they will allow us to be entirely in charge of the shaping,
> though. Nevertheless, it doesn't hurt to ask.

To avoid disappointment by either party there should be some
agreement as to how much bandwidth you can use.  The provider
can shape or police to the total agreed bandwidth.  You may or
may not want to prioritize or shape or police for particular
uses within that total bandwidth.

--Mike Bird

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