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Re: Persistent connections and pipelining

On 5/5/08, Cameron Dale <camrdale@gmail.com> wrote:
>  I was looking at the wireshark output for an apt-get download
>  recently, and I noticed that the mirror was closing the connection
>  after every file received. I did a test of the mirrors and found that
>  40 of about 360 mirrors behave like this, including several of the
>  primary country mirrors (most notably ftp.fr.d.o). These mirrors,
>  though they are HTTP/1.1, send a "Connection: close" header with every
>  request.

Not having gotten a response from any mirror admins who are
intentionally doing this, it occurred to me that they may not be aware
of it. Here are the 39 IP's and mirrors that close the connection
after every response:    carroll.aset.psu.edu  cudlug.cudenver.edu  debian.logiclinux.com   debian.lth.se    distro.ibiblio.org     ftp.bg.debian.org   ftp.cc.uoc.gr ftp.ceid.upatras.gr   ftp.daum.net ftp.dti.ad.jp    ftp.fr.debian.org  ftp.iitm.ac.in       ftp.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de    ftp.jaist.ac.jp    ftp.jyu.fi    ftp.kulnet.kuleuven.ac.be      ftp.nerim.net   ftp.nluug.nl   ftp.nluug.nl    ftp.plusline.de     ftp.rediris.es   ftp.surfnet.nl   ftp.surfnet.nl   ftp.thaios.net   ftp.tiscali.nl    ftp.uga.edu    ftp.univie.ac.at ftp.univ-pau.fr     ftp.utexas.edu  mi.mirror.garr.it   mir1.ovh.net   mir2.ovh.net  mirror.isoc.org.il    mirror.mirohost.net   mirror.nus.edu.sg    mirrors.nfsi.pt    mirror.steadfast.net  sb.itc.u-tokyo.ac.jp     www.ring.gr.jp

Also, I noticed that these 2 mirrors send 200 responses to Range
requests, which can also be inefficient:   debian.ues.edu.sv   ftp.linux.pt


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