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..chk for clean _and_ fresh mirror, was: anonftpsync: waiting for clean archive?

On Fri, 2 May 2008 14:22:53 +0200, Václav wrote in message 
<[🔎] 20080502122253.GA19123@bobek.pm.i.cz>:

> Hi,
> what about to include waiting for mirrored archive to be clean (no
> update in progress state)?
> Something like:
> ...
> let i=0
> while rsync
> "rsync://$RSYNC_HOST/$RSYNC_DIR/Archive-Update-in-Progress-$RSYNC_HOST"
> &>/dev/null \ && test $i -lt $MAX_RETRY do
>     sleep $SLEEP_TIME
>     let i=i+1
> done

..don't we _first_ wanna check _whether_ the mirror is fresh?  
And _thenafter_ chk the Archive-Update-in-Progress-$RSYNC_HOST 
file to confirm a clean mirror?

..e.g. like wget -c http://$RSYNC_HOST/$RSYNC_DIR/project/trace/  
or some such and then chk|cmp|diff|etc the trace/* for freshness?

..there is an rsync way, how?

..med vennlig hilsen = with Kind Regards from Arnt... ;o)
...with a number of polar bear hunters in his ancestry...
  Scenarios always come in sets of three: 
  best case, worst case, and just in case.

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