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Re: Automatic mirror detection

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Miguel Ramos wrote:
> The solution you talk about (wich is software based) can be implemented at the 
> network "layer". The solution is _anycast_. 
>  If we can manage to technicaly implement it, it would work as you propose.

I never implemented anycast, but my understanding of it is that - being
a routing scheme - it's not suited for connection oriented protocols
like TCP (and HTTP/FTP by extension). In practice this problem shouldn't
arise that often, but doing so (in a situation where the "nearest"
definition is dubious and the router hops constantly between two close
mirrors, for instance), it would be really annoying to debug/fix.

Also, the fact that not all out mirrors are interested or otherwise
capable of performing routing configuration changes on their networks
makes this a bit more difficult, since it would have to be AFAIK a
coordinated distributed BGP configuration, for instance.

Did I get your proposal wrong?

On a semi-unrelated note, I also just noticed there is a
pdns-backend-geo package, perhaps worth a look.

Cheers and thanks for the input!

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