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Re: Automatic mirror detection


Just my 2 cents.

The solution you talk about (wich is software based) can be implemented at the 
network "layer". The solution is _anycast_. 
 If we can manage to technicaly implement it, it would work as you propose.


On Tuesday, 30 de October de 2007, Leo "costela" Antunes wrote:
> Hey there,
> [Just a wild idea and my first foray into this list. Be gentle.]
> How feasible would it be for us to implement an "automagic" mirror
> mechanism, perhaps geoip based? Does something like this already exist
> and I've been living in a cave for the last few years?
> The advantages I see are twofold:
> - Possibly removing one step from the installation process, or having
> the "automagic" scheme selected by default during installation.
> - Helping frequent-travelers to always fetch the nearest mirror.
> The way I see it happening, off the top of my head:
> - new zone created (perhaps under mirror.d.o), managed by something like
> pdns-pipe consulting the mirrors database.
> - new host created (suggestion: automatic.mirror.d.o), which returns
> best mirror.
> - 'best mirror' could be a function of geoip proximity/freshness of
> mirror, perhaps even round robin of N best matches.
> Possible problems I see:
> - incompatibilities with pdiff based apt updates?
> - system is made useless (or less useful) by caching mechanisms, either
> client side or along the link?
> Cheers
> --
> Leo "costela" Antunes
> [insert a witty retort here]

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