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Re: mirror hierarchy issues in Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece

* Josip Rodin <joy@debian.org> [2007-10-14 12:49:13 CEST]:
> So I'm looking for input from mirror maintainers and users from
> the seven countries in the Subject - Britain, France, Spain, Italy,
> Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria - are you finding your connections to
> ftp.(uk|fr|es|it|at|hu|bg).debian.org to be slower than those to
> ftp.de.debian.org?

 Never tried, but given that ftp.de gave me the push for my mirror I'm
not too sure how to properly test it from the other sites and not too
sure if pushing from there will get done, too.

 Speaking for myself, Austria, pulling from ftp.at has the best
connection. :P  And I'm not too sure if switching from a primary server
to a secondary does really improve the situation much, unless Adam is
complaining about the bandwidth usage?

> Another problem is that we don't have an official mirror in Greece - there
> are actually five Greek sites whose source is ftp.de.d.o (four mirror
> directly from it, one via ftp.at.d.o).

 I tried to contact some of the admins that mirror from ftp.at to offer
them push, having noticed the Archive-Update-in-Progress file lying
around in their roots once too often. :/  Unfortunately people aren't
really responsive at all - maybe people should get guided that way on
registering a listed mirror...

 So long,
P.S.: Sheesh, it's now over a week since the mail and noone replied
P.P.S.: Just stumbled upon the thread in the archives because I was
   looking for a mail about the addition of ftp2.ca.debian.org which
   hasn't set a Sponsor - can you add it, Joy?  :)

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