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mirror hierarchy issues in Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece


I was just analyzing the number of mirrors that rsync off ftp.de.debian.org
and noticed a peculiar number of sites that continue to mirror from there.

Other than the usual reasoning "this site looks good and works fine, so
I'll just use that" and indeed kudos to Adam for keeping the machine alive
and kicking all these years :), it seems to me that we might have a bit of
an issue with academic network vs. commercial network routing that makes
all these sites switch to a site which may be in another country but because
it is on GEANT2, it's faster.

So I'm looking for input from mirror maintainers and users from
the seven countries in the Subject - Britain, France, Spain, Italy,
Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria - are you finding your connections to
ftp.(uk|fr|es|it|at|hu|bg).debian.org to be slower than those to

Another problem is that we don't have an official mirror in Greece - there
are actually five Greek sites whose source is ftp.de.d.o (four mirror
directly from it, one via ftp.at.d.o). Another peculiar thing about that
is that out the three Greek mirrors that carry all packages (and are thus
best qualified for taking on ftp.gr.d.o), three are on GRNET, and of these
three, two are on Crete and one is in Thrace. Talk about decentralization! :)

Josip Rodin

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