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Re: ..weeding out bad debs off mirrors, was: Can I get some help, please?

Arnt Karlsen (arnt@c2i.net) wrote on 22 May 2007 14:54:
 >On Tue, 22 May 2007 07:01:39 +0200, Klaus wrote in message 
 >> Arnt Karlsen wrote:
 >> > ..one thing I haven't found, is an easy way to weed out bad files off
 >> > my (big bad disk, replacement ordered) mirror after fsck's, my plan is
 >> > use md5sum down the debian/tree and weed out all the bad files, instead
 >> > of wasting another week re-downloading all the good stuff (right now
 >> > I have 71GB of i386 and source) to build a full mirror.  Pointers?
 >> Isn't that what debmirror does anyhow to verify the integrity of the mirror?
 >> At least I seem to remember that bad or missing files were fixed with the next remirror of my mirror.
 >> Cheers,
 >> Klaus
 >On Tue, 22 May 2007 08:25:38 +0100, Jonathan wrote in message 
 >> doesn't rsyncing take care fo this by itself updating the mirror?
 >> mirror.ac3bf1.org
 >> John
 >..IME no (but I use the anonftpsync script), as long as the file names 
 >matches, all files are accepted as good, I see no md5sum kinda check
 >done. I appreciate the "do not dump that load upstream", so I'm looking
 >for some kinda find *.md5sum* ->xarg md5sum-c -> rm -vf baaad.debs
 >oneliner or somesuch to verify my mirror update, pointers?

rsync will check the integrity of existing files if used with option -c.
However this puts a high load on the server so many of them disable
its use. A debian mirror does not need to allow it.

The default is to not use -c; in this case only the date and length
are used to decide if a file should be updated.

One can use the checksums in indices/md5sums.gz to verify the files
locally. Very useful indeed... I do it periodically, because a mirror
is a significant responsibility.

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