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Re: Fwd: [backlog] mirror list updates (this time to the public address)

On Tuesday 15 May 2007 22:30:48 Simon Paillard wrote:
> On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 08:07:05PM +0200, Bernhard Stoeckner wrote:
> > Here be dragons, err, a list of things that need changing.
> Thanks Bernhard, find herebelow some remarks.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

> > + debian.funlam.edu.co
> > + mirror.ynet.sk debian.ynet.sk

I contacted both mirror admins about the issues you mentioned.

> Good cheer for your future mail conversation with admins :-)
> If you still have some unprocessed backlog, I can help.

There is few. Most of the backlog I got was bugtrack messages, spam, or 
already answered stuff. There were a few mirror submissions that aren't 
included already in the mirrors list.

> (Tip: adding people to the mirrors alias would help to process mails
> before it becomes outdated backlog :-)

That wasn't directed to me, was it? I have no access whatsoever to 


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