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Fwd: [backlog] mirror list updates (this time to the public address)

Here be dragons, err, a list of things that need changing.

I verified every single one of them.


* debian.mirror.frontiernet.net
  + rsync rsync://debian.mirror.frontiernet.net/debian

+ debian.cict.fr
  Type: leaf
  Archive-ftp: /
  Archive-http: /
  Mirrors-from: ftp.de.debian.org
  Maintainer: Philippe BAQUÉ <baque@cict.fr>
  Country: FR France

+ debian.funlam.edu.co
  Aliases: www.funlam.edu.co
  Type: leaf
  Archive-http: /debian/
  Mirrors-from: ftp.debian.org
  Maintainer: Claudia Yaneth Peña <cpena@funlam.edu.co>
  Country: CO Colombia
  Comment: Mirror from Medellin-Colombia on university hosting
  (Private e-mail recorded: bridamistyc@gmail.com)

+  mirror.ynet.sk/debian
  Aliases: debian.ynet.sk
  Packages archive, over HTTP: /debian/
  Mirror is updated from: ftp.cz.debian.org
  Name of site maintainer: Marek Zidek
  Public e-mail of site maintainer: sebastian@gentoo.sk
  Country: Slovakia [SK]
  Location of site (optional): SD-Mladost, Bratislava
  Name of site sponsor (optional): Ynet 
  URL of site sponsor (optional): http://www.ynet.sk/


Thats it for now.

So long,

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