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Re: Fwd: [backlog] mirror list updates (this time to the public address)

On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 08:07:05PM +0200, Bernhard Stoeckner wrote:
> Here be dragons, err, a list of things that need changing.

Thanks Bernhard, find herebelow some remarks.

> I verified every single one of them.

I think we should add a mirror test page so that admins can be sure of
the state of their mirror (no, http://www.de.debian.org/dmc/today is not
enough complete), because there are so many parameters defining a
"mirror good to be added".

> * debian.mirror.frontiernet.net
>   + rsync rsync://debian.mirror.frontiernet.net/debian


> + debian.cict.fr
>   Type: leaf
>   Archive-ftp: /
(Here the ftp path is not the good one)
I have just added it, see #422305


> + debian.funlam.edu.co
>   Aliases: www.funlam.edu.co

http://debian.funlam.edu.co/debian/project/trace/ contains no
debian.funlam.edu.co nore www.funlam.edu.co local trace file.
The local trace file should be the site name if possible, it makes QA
much easier.

>   Type: leaf
>   Archive-http: /debian/

http://debian.funlam.edu.co/debian/dists/ shows (we cannot see the whole
name of certain directories) that
http://www.us.debian.org/mirrors/ftpmirror#settings is not applied.

According to http://debian.funlam.edu.co/debian/pool/main/b/base-files/
the dsc files are missing.

>   Mirrors-from: ftp.debian.org

We must not mirror from ftp.debian.org
http://www.us.debian.org/mirrors/ftpmirror#wherefrom given that saens is
saturated : http://saens.debian.org/mrtg/saens.eth0.html

>   Maintainer: Claudia Yaneth Peña <cpena@funlam.edu.co>
>   Country: CO Colombia
>   Comment: Mirror from Medellin-Colombia on university hosting
>   (Private e-mail recorded: NN@tld.com

I guess it is not private anymore .. (but don't worry, once in the CVS,
it would have been the same)

http://debian.funlam.edu.co/debian-non-us/ can be removed.

The info about the architectures mirrored is missing


> +  mirror.ynet.sk/debian
>   Aliases: debian.ynet.sk

Same remark about the name of the local trace file.

>   Packages archive, over HTTP: /debian/

Same httpd config as above.

The info about the architectures mirrored is missing

>   Mirror is updated from: ftp.cz.debian.org
>   Name of site maintainer: Marek Zidek
>   Public e-mail of site maintainer: sebastian@gentoo.sk
>   Country: Slovakia [SK]

So in the Mirrors.masterlist's format: "Country: SK Slovakia"

>   Location of site (optional): SD-Mladost, Bratislava
>   Name of site sponsor (optional): Ynet 
>   URL of site sponsor (optional): http://www.ynet.sk/

So in the Mirrors.masterlist's format: "Sponsor: Ynet http://www.ynet.sk/";

Good cheer for your future mail conversation with admins :-)

If you still have some unprocessed backlog, I can help.

(Tip: adding people to the mirrors alias would help to process mails
before it becomes outdated backlog :-)

Simon Paillard

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