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Re: Etch-Release tomorrow?

On Sun, Mar 18, 2007 at 06:49:56PM +0100, Martin Eichenberg wrote:
> Is it right, that Etch will be released tomorrow? What does that mean 
> for me as a mirror-admin?

I have no idea about etch, but in general, a new release doesn't mean
anything spectacular for most mirror admins - possibly more hits from users,
if that.

A somewhat more significant increase in traffic may be observed if you
mirror CD/DVD images, because there are fewer mirrors carrying those,
so users have less to pick from. Coupled with the fact that those file
transfers inherently tend to take longer, such mirrors may see more load
when there is a higher demand for those files.

A small number of mirrors which are selected as the official,
ftp.*.debian.org ones, become the default choices in the installer, so they
should see a more significant increase in traffic. Depending on how clueless
the Slashdot editor posting the news item is, ftp.debian.org may get
particularly hammered by simpletons^Wpeople who are blithely unaware of
our mirror hierarchy.

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