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Re: status of Debian mirror natasha.stmarytx.edu ?

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 06:48:32PM -0600, John Currey wrote:
> Natasha (the 5th) lives again.  New hardware and 1.4 TB of disk space.
> http://natasha.stmarytx.edu/debian
> ftp://natasha.stmarytx.edu/debian
> rsync://natasha.stmarytx.edu/debian 

Which server do you mirror from ?
mirrors.kernel.org ?

I need this info to add your mirror in the list.

> rsync currently running but no DVD and CD images are available yet.
> will be /debian-cd in N months.

> The campus should have 100mbps bandwidth by spring break (current is 
> only 50), and a has a per connection bandwidth limits.
> Q. Is this too small a pipe for a full mirror?
> We locally use a few of the archs: i386, amd64, hppa, arm, hurd. sparc
> in order of usage. I could drop some to reduce the rsync time
> and improve the bandwidth ratio (Bw amount used to sync versus that
> downloaded).

That's up to you, we don't know your internal usage statistics.

for the general statistics, see http://popcon.debian.org

If you consider that several users per architecture use your mirror
daily, it's worth.

> Q. Is the mod_cband a bad idea for a debian mirror
> from either a political point of view or  a technical one?

See the reply of Josip Rodin.


Simon Paillard

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