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Re: status of Debian mirror natasha.stmarytx.edu ?

Natasha (the 5th) lives again.  New hardware and 1.4 TB of disk space.


rsync currently running but no DVD and CD images are available yet.
will be /debian-cd in N months.

The last natasha died a most ungraceful death.
	Natasha succumbed to overheated disk drives, which
	took two of it's Raid-5 array disks....  (sync of array
	was in progress [to a spare] when the second disk drive went).

The new natasha is not yet getting a good connection speed onto the Internet. 
The current slowness may be due to a marginal cable at the 
local switch, not router limits ...
The campus should have 100mbps bandwidth by spring break (current is 
only 50), and a has a per connection bandwidth limits.

Q. Is this too small a pipe for a full mirror?
We locally use a few of the archs: i386, amd64, hppa, arm, hurd. sparc
in order of usage. I could drop some to reduce the rsync time
and improve the bandwidth ratio (Bw amount used to sync versus that

Q. Is the mod_cband a bad idea for a debian mirror
from either a political point of view or  a technical one?

I'd rather control the bandwidth usage of the server rather than having
it forced down my throat blindly from networking restrictions.

Snip from apache2  (2.2.3-3.1) config.
This attempts to give full bandwidth privileges to "apt-get" .

<IfModule mod_cband.c>
#    # Turn On random pulse for data sending
    CBandRandomPulse On
    CBandScoreFlushPeriod 1
       <CBandClass googlebot_class>
#           # ok set an env - so how to I get this bandwidth limited
#           # I don't think this combo of static and dynamic assignment
#           will work
            BrowserMatchNoCase msnbot CBandClassDst $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR}
            BrowserMatchNoCase Googlebot CBandClassDst $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR}
#           # googlebot-Image
                CBandClassDst 66.249.66/24
#           # msnbot
                CBandClassDst 65.54.188/24
#           # yahoo
                CBandClassDst 68.142.249/24
                CBandClassDst 68.142.250/24
                CBandClassDst 65.214.44/24
                CBandClassDst 66.249.66/24
        <CBandClass apt_class>
            BrowserMatch APT-HTTP CBandClassDst $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR}
            BrowserMatch jigdo CBandClassDst $ENV{REMOTE_ADDR}

    # Maximal 1024kbps speed for this virtualhost
    # Maximal 10 requests per second for this virtualhost
    # Maximal 30 open connections for this virtualhost
    CBandSpeed 10240 100 200
    # CBandSpeed 4096 10 30

    # Maximal 10kB/s speed, 3 requests/s and 2 open connections for any
    # remote client
    # CBandRemoteSpeed 10kb/s 3 2
#    CBandRemoteSpeed 1024kb/s 3 2

    # Maximal 20kB/s speed, 2 requests/s and 3 open connections for
    # remote
    # clients from class googlebot_class :P
    CBandRemoteSpeed 768kb/s 10 5
    CBandClassRemoteSpeed googlebot_class 64kb/s 5 3
    CBandClassRemoteSpeed apt_class 10240kb/s 10 50


On Sat, Oct 28, 2006 at 11:41:04PM +0200, Simon Paillard wrote:
> Hello,
> Based on http://www.de.debian.org/dmc/today/#sect_main, the Debian
> mirror you provide at natasha.stmarytx.edu is no longer working:
> Error with HTTP mirror:
> 500 Can't connect to natasha.stmarytx.edu:80 (connect: timeout)
> So your mirror's entry must been removed from the list of Debian
> mirrors.
> I hope you plan to make this mirror available again, if so please reply
> to debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org and your mirror will be added back to
> the list.
> Regards,
> -- 
> Simon Paillard

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