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Re: Debian/MIPSeb: proposal to drop mipseb port?

Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> 于2018年7月7日周六 下午10:41写道:
> On Sat, Jul 7, 2018 at 10:31 PM, YunQiang Su wrote:
> > In fact I don't know anybody is using Debian's mips32eb port.
> I used jessie mips on my router in a chroot and was considering going

you are right, use eb in a chroot env of openwrt etc env is a use case.

> further, but stretch bumped the ISA requirements so I cannot use it

What CPU is your router? mips r2 is a quite old ISA standard,
they are published in 2002, why your router didn't support it?

> any longer. Likewise someone on #debian-mips with a Loongson 2f Lemote
> laptop recently complained about stretch removing Longsoon support. So
> maybe a better approach would be to lower the ISA requirements back to
> what was in jessie so folks can use it again in buster?

yes, Loongson 2f is only support MIPS II/III.
I have no idea if it is valuable to downgrade mipsel to MIPS II,
at the same time, Loongson 2f has some other bugs, which will ask for
gcc/glibc patch, which will slow down the binary on other CPUs.

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> bye,
> pabs
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YunQiang Su

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