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RFC: Changing default ggc-min-expand on mips and mipsel?

Hi all,

On mips and mipsel, we have more and more packages failing to build from
source with a "virtual memory exhausted" error in GCC, due to the 2GB
address space limit. It seems the occurrence is even higher since the
switch to GCC 6. The usual answer has been to play with the
ggc-min-expand GCC parameter, and many packages do that already [1].

The ggc-min expand parameter defaults to "30% + 70% * (RAM/1GB) with an
upper bound of 100% when RAM >= 1GB". In practice all of our build
daemons, but also most of the development machines (including the CI20
board) are bound to 100%. I therefore wonder if we should change the
default at least for mips and mipsel in Debian, and maybe even upstream
for 32-bit architectures.

Any opinion or comment about that?


[1] https://codesearch.debian.net/search?q=ggc-min-expand

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