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Re: RFC: Changing default ggc-min-expand on mips and mipsel?


On 18/10/16 13:49, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> On mips and mipsel, we have more and more packages failing to build from
> source with a "virtual memory exhausted" error in GCC, due to the 2GB
> address space limit. It seems the occurrence is even higher since the
> switch to GCC 6. The usual answer has been to play with the
> ggc-min-expand GCC parameter, and many packages do that already [1].
> The ggc-min expand parameter defaults to "30% + 70% * (RAM/1GB) with an
> upper bound of 100% when RAM >= 1GB". In practice all of our build
> daemons, but also most of the development machines (including the CI20
> board) are bound to 100%. I therefore wonder if we should change the
> default at least for mips and mipsel in Debian, and maybe even upstream
> for 32-bit architectures.
> Any opinion or comment about that?

I think this is a good idea since it is almost "free" and we don't have
to change lots of packages. I also think changing it on other 32-bit
arches is a good idea, although they're not as affected as much since
that have an extra 1GB of virtual memory.


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