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Re: MIPS64EL port box is ready for use (Was: mips64el port build failed list)

On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 12:22 AM, YunQiang Su wrote:

> After more than half of a year's hard work, we have the mips64el port
> almost done.
> Now we have more than 7600 packages build successfully.


Please create a page on the Debian wiki and or update the MIPSPort
wiki page about this new architecture. You could also send patches to
update the list of ports on the Debian website:


> The current build status can be found in http://vip.moonux.org/attempted/

Would you like me to register mips64el.debian.net and CNAME it to
vip.moonux.org or another domain?

> Now I get a new board and give it 18GiB DDR3 memory and 1TB hardisk.
> Most important is that it is running a Debian Unstable, MIPS64EL.
> Anyone has need to port package(s) can apply a account.
> Please post me your ssh public key signed by a trust-able PGP key.

You should probably talk to DSA about getting it a debian.net domain
and getting it listed in LDAP as a porter machine.


> I also working on make a rootfs to make it easy to install this port.

In Debian we usually expect people to either run debootstrap or d-i to
perform Debian installations since otherwise some files that should be
different between installs will be identical. So please just point
people at debootstrap instead. This is a problem with Debian that we
currently have to work around once for every image creation tool; all
of debian-live, cloud images, mips64el rootfs' etc  need/have hacks to
remove files like the dbus machine identifier or the openssh host keys
from the system after debootstrap has run.

> Here we still have 2 problems:
>    1. I believe that it is time of use to talk about how to make this
> port to debian-ports.org.
>         Anyone can help us?


I have heard rumours on IRC that debian-ports.org is having resource
issues so adding new ports there might be hard.

>    2. Which ISA  to be used for this port when it is in debian-ports.
>         Now we use mips64r2 with tune loongson3a.
>         Should we downgrade ISA requirement to mips3 or mips64?

That is up to yourself and people who own or otherwise care about MIPS
hardware. Take into consideration what hardware is available
commercially now and will be in the future, as well as what hardware
most people already own. I don't know much about GCC tuning but I
expect that tuning for one specific machine isn't a good idea.

For future the future steps, here are the requirements for adding
mips64el to the archive and getting it officially included in a future
Debian release:




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