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Re: single device to replace ADSL router, WiFi/Ethernet router, SIP router?

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 02:15:40PM +0800, Paul Wise wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to replace my current home network infrastructure
> with a single device running Debian. I currently have these devices:
>       * Siemens SpeedStream 4200. This is an ADSL2+ modem running the
>         supplied OS. It is running in bridge mode, DSL port plugged into
>         the wall phone jack via the ADSL splitter and the Ethernet port
>         is plugged into the Netgear WGR614L router/switch.
>       * Netgear WGR614L. This is a router, Ethernet switch and WiFi AP,
>         currently running an old patched up custom build of OpenWRT. Its
>         WAN port connects to the SpeedStream and talks PPPoE to my ISP
>         via the SpeedStream. The four Ethernet ports are a switch,
>         plugged into a PC and the Minitar MVA11A.
>       * Minitar MVA11A. This is a SIP router with FXO/FXS ports and an
>         Ethernet port. FXO port plugs into the wall phone jack via the
>         ADSL splitter, FXS into the cordless phone, Ethernet into the
>         WGR614L.
>       * old Panasonic cordless phone
> I'm looking for a single device (to reduce cabling) to replace this:
>       * it needs to run Debian or have at least some potential to do
>         that. I don't want to have to deal with any pre-installed OSes,
>         custom old OpenWRT builds running Linux 2.4 or other stupidity.
>       * it needs either FXO/FXS ports or some sort of cordless phone
>         integrated with it.
>       * it needs to have ADSL2+ support, 
>       * it needs WiFi, preferably something supported by ath5k/ath9k or
>         OpenFWWF
>       * it needs 4 Ethernet ports, speed isn't too important
>       * it needs to either support coreboot or not be x86 (ARM/MIPS/etc)
>       * it needs to be unbrickable, via semi-read-only secondary
>         bootloader or whatever.
>       * internal SATA or eSATA would be nice so that it has useful
>         amounts of storage and can be used as a NAS
>       * a few USB ports would be nice
>       * some hardware expandability would be nice, miniPCI or whatever

Honestly, that's not realistic.  Too weird a combined featureset.
Especially the cordless phone bit.

A quick search found a Quick Eagle DL710 (never heard of them) which
has 3 100Mbit ethernet ports, SIP, ADSL2+, 2 FXS, 1 FXO.  That isn't 4
ports though.  Almost certainly can't run Debian either.  Most APs are
way too low in specs to run a full OS.
http://www.aceex.com.tw/L3AWVR11.html is another (which has 4 ethernet
ports).  Neither matches all your requirements, especially for the OS.

If you were willing to spend a lot of money on it, you could build a PC
that did all that.  Sangoma makes FXS/FXO cards and ADSL2+ cards for PCs.

Len Sorensen

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