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single device to replace ADSL router, WiFi/Ethernet router, SIP router?

Hi all,

I'm looking for a way to replace my current home network infrastructure
with a single device running Debian. I currently have these devices:

      * Siemens SpeedStream 4200. This is an ADSL2+ modem running the
        supplied OS. It is running in bridge mode, DSL port plugged into
        the wall phone jack via the ADSL splitter and the Ethernet port
        is plugged into the Netgear WGR614L router/switch.
      * Netgear WGR614L. This is a router, Ethernet switch and WiFi AP,
        currently running an old patched up custom build of OpenWRT. Its
        WAN port connects to the SpeedStream and talks PPPoE to my ISP
        via the SpeedStream. The four Ethernet ports are a switch,
        plugged into a PC and the Minitar MVA11A.
      * Minitar MVA11A. This is a SIP router with FXO/FXS ports and an
        Ethernet port. FXO port plugs into the wall phone jack via the
        ADSL splitter, FXS into the cordless phone, Ethernet into the
      * old Panasonic cordless phone

I'm looking for a single device (to reduce cabling) to replace this:

      * it needs to run Debian or have at least some potential to do
        that. I don't want to have to deal with any pre-installed OSes,
        custom old OpenWRT builds running Linux 2.4 or other stupidity.
      * it needs either FXO/FXS ports or some sort of cordless phone
        integrated with it.
      * it needs to have ADSL2+ support, 
      * it needs WiFi, preferably something supported by ath5k/ath9k or
      * it needs 4 Ethernet ports, speed isn't too important
      * it needs to either support coreboot or not be x86 (ARM/MIPS/etc)
      * it needs to be unbrickable, via semi-read-only secondary
        bootloader or whatever.
      * internal SATA or eSATA would be nice so that it has useful
        amounts of storage and can be used as a NAS
      * a few USB ports would be nice
      * some hardware expandability would be nice, miniPCI or whatever



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