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[RFH] stability problem


we still have stability problems with gabrielli.debian.org, a Movidis
Revolution x16 box. Most of it is documented in this thread:


If we run irqbalance on this box, it more or less crashes immediately
with http://zobel.ftbfs.de/.x/lucatelli-nmi-watchdog-output.txt

If we do not have irqbalance not running, it is more stable, but for
example when compiling gcc, it crashes again somewhere within the
testsuite (reproducable). I also saw crashes when we recently tried to
compile openoffice.org on it.

Help to get that fixed is VERY appreciated!

Please note that i am not a mips port maintainer, but a member of
the Debian Sysadmin team, who want to get this box run stable.
Martin Zobel-Helas for DSA
 Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org>  | Debian System Administrator
 Debian & GNU/Linux Developer           |           Debian Listmaster
 Public key http://zobel.ftbfs.de/5d64f870.asc   -   KeyID: 5D64 F870
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