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Re: Cobalt Qube2 – lenny+chroot or sid?

Rainer M. Canavan <debian_mips <at> canavan.de> writes:

> "kenneth.westelinck <at> pandora.be" <kenneth.westelinck <at> telenet.be> 
> > Well, I guess I have a stable setup. I haven't seen it crashing yet. 

> A reliable way to crash Cobalt Qube2s and RAQs:

Fun… nobody said anything about sid, only etch and lenny…
I suppose I’ll just have to try. And hope the current sid
issues are loongson-only.

Thanks anyway for the hints regarding the machine itself.
I got it with 2x32 (fun, as my other i386 box is running
with 4x32 EDO…) and will look for a PSU first though.


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