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Re[2]: Cobalt Qube2 – lenny+chroot or sid?

"kenneth.westelinck@pandora.be" <kenneth.westelinck@telenet.be> wrote:
> Well, I guess I have a stable setup. I haven't seen it crashing yet. 
> How is it unstable for you?

A reliable way to crash Cobalt Qube2s and RAQs:

dd if=largefile1 of=/dev/zero &
dd if=largefile2 of=/dev/zero &
dd if=largefile3 of=/dev/zero &
dd if=largefile4 of=/dev/zero &
tar -cf - largefile* | netcat otherhost 9999

with the largefiles being a few 100 MB, and a 
netcat -l -p 9999 > /dev/null running on otherhost. Sometimes 
it's enough to do either the dds or the tar|netcat to lock it up.

The system will crash faster if you have DMA enabled for
the harddrive(s).



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