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Re: Debian on Fuloong

* fxzhang (fxzhang@ict.ac.cn) [100208 03:06]:
> Might be you have to be aware that you are using 2E box. Recent work are  
> mainly done on 2F boxes,although 2E should be ok too but there might be  
> some config difference.

I would welcome it very much if someone with an stable kernel and 2E
box would send me his kernel config (plus kernel version).

I now also tried the kernel from
git://git.linux-mips.org/pub/scm/linux-queue.git with all the
scheduled patches, but that didn't work either. All of 2.6.33-rc7*
kernels have
http://alius.ayous.org/~aba/config-2.6.33-rc7-dsa-mipsel-lemote.1 or
http://alius.ayous.org/~aba/config-2.6.33-rc7-dsa-mipsel-lemote (only
tested with plain 2.6.33-rc7).

Any of the "upstream" kernels stopped working after the registers were
printed on the screen, i.e. before switching to the linux console).

This kernel
boots (with
http://alius.ayous.org/~aba/config- ) but
stops while building binutils (even if built with the patched

I need to admit that I don't have any idea what I could do or try.


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