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Re: SGI O2: Clock problem and Bind9 problem after upgrading to Lenny

Marc Franquesa wrote:

I have a SGI O2 R5000 and after upgrading from 4.0 Etch to 5.0 Lenny I
have various problems:

The first one (not critical) is that when linux starts appears a
warning message like:

  Cannot access the Hardware clock via any known method

Later on the logs I have seen a message 'Unable to open rtc'.

I have seen this on pre-2.6.28 kernels (with 4.0) . With a stock (from linux-mips.org's git) 2.6.28 and ip32_defconfig it works for me now.

I did also have to add:

o2:/etc/udev/rules.d# cat dave.rules
KERNEL=="rtc0",	SYMLINK+="rtc"

If any of this is needed with 5.0 I do not know.

Hope this helps,
David Daney

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