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Re: SGI O2: Clock problem and Bind9 problem after upgrading to Lenny

Marc Franquesa <marc.franquesa@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> The most serious problem I have is that bind9 doesn't start.
> During bootup when Debian start the services, bind9 hangs (no error,
> no message, anything, it just hangs). ¿Is there any method to skip a
> service while booting up?.

I just edited the start script to fork start-stop-daemon to get
around this temporarily. The proper method would obviously be to 
remove  the symlink in /etc/rc?.d/
> Bind9 is important for my setup ¿Any ideas/sugessions? I have search
> in debian-bugs but I haven't found anything similar.

I had the same Problem with lenny/mipsle on my cobalt qube. Strace
shows that bind forks, but never reads any configuration files. One
or both of the process hang in a futex() call if I remember correctly.

I've downgraded to bind9 9.3.4-2etch4 from etch for now.


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