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Re: yeeloong's loonux and ec_scid module

For MSR handling, you can read the kernel source, which are located at arch/mips/lemote/lm2f/common/ One thing to be noticed, the msr address is different than geode platform, the extract address can be found
in the source code.

Andres Salomon 写道:
On Thu, 19 Feb 2009 09:56:50 +0800
崔春波 <cuicb@lemote.com> wrote:

EC related code is now avaliable on dev.lemote.com, the cgit web page
is: http://dev.lemote.com/cgit/ec_module.git/
and the git repo is:

Great, thanks!  Note that I'm working on a cs553x-gpio driver that will be
arch-independent, hopefully working for both x86 (geode) and mips
(yeeloong).  One of the reasons I wanted the ec_scid code is because it
exclusively grabs the cs5536 PCI ISA bridge, which is troublesome for
splitting up functionality.  Instead, the driver I'm working on just requests
the GPIO BAR.  Once that's done, I'll work on an arch-independent
cs553x-mfgpt driver that will request the PCI ISA's MFGPT BAR.  I'll look
at adapting the ec_scid code to use it once it's tested.  One thing that
I'll need to look at sooner or later is how the MSR stuff should be
handled; presumably we'll need a per-arch wrapper.

I'm hoping all of this (including GPIO/MFGPT support for yeeloong) turns
out to be acceptable for both lemote and the upstream kernel.

On 09:26 Thu 19 Feb     , yanhua wrote:
The kernel that yeeloong currenty used is, you can get it
from the git repos
git://dev.lemote.com/linux_loongson.git. Now the master branch is
for, you can checkout
the linux- branch, the default config file is
located at arch/mips/configs/ls2f_notebook_defconfig

cuicb: Please provide ec_scid and other ec related source codes.
fxzhang 写道:
Cuicb/yanhua: please help answer the questions.

Andres Salomon 写道:

I received a Lemote Yeeloong preinstalled with "Loonux".  The
kernel that it
has installed is, but doesn't appear to come from any
package. I
can't seem to find the source for this kernel and its related
modules. Does
anyone know where I can find them?  I cloned the git repo @
git://dev.lemote.com/linux_loongson.git, but that doesn't appear
to be the
same thing.

Specifically, I'm working on cs553x GPIO support, and noticed
that ec_scid.ko
grabs the cs5536's ISA ioport range that are normally used for
GPIOs.  My assumption is that it's doing SCI events for things
like lid open/close via GPIOs, but without the source for ec_scid
I can't tell what it's doing.

Any suggestions for where to find the ec_scid.ko source?



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