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Re: yeeloong's loonux and ec_scid module

The kernel that yeeloong currenty used is, you can get it from the git repos git://dev.lemote.com/linux_loongson.git. Now the master branch is for, you can checkout the linux- branch, the default config file is located at arch/mips/configs/ls2f_notebook_defconfig

cuicb: Please provide ec_scid and other ec related source codes.
fxzhang 写道:
Cuicb/yanhua: please help answer the questions.

Andres Salomon 写道:

I received a Lemote Yeeloong preinstalled with "Loonux". The kernel that it has installed is, but doesn't appear to come from any package. I can't seem to find the source for this kernel and its related modules. Does
anyone know where I can find them?  I cloned the git repo @
git://dev.lemote.com/linux_loongson.git, but that doesn't appear to be the
same thing.

Specifically, I'm working on cs553x GPIO support, and noticed that ec_scid.ko grabs the cs5536's ISA ioport range that are normally used for GPIOs. My
assumption is that it's doing SCI events for things like lid open/close
via GPIOs, but without the source for ec_scid I can't tell what it's doing.

Any suggestions for where to find the ec_scid.ko source?


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