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Re: 2.6.26 QEMU kernel

Hi Martin:

I am not subscribed to the list but I saw the response.

I had tried to use the malta kernel but got an error that the mips bios file could not be read and then a halt. Is there particular magic that can be used to avoid this? I saw in a posting somewhere that this error might be due to the wrong endianness but this should not have happened with the procedure I used:

1. start the emulator
2. upgrade the kernel to 2.6.26 (malta)
3. take the vmlinux file and copy it to the host machine
4. use this kernel in the -kernel option of qemu-system-mipsel

Possibly I have missed something?



On Mon, 19 Jan 2009, Carlo Segre wrote:


I am wondering if there is any 2.6.26 mipsel kernel suitable for running on an QEMU emulated machine?



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