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Re: 2.6.26 QEMU kernel

Carlo Segre a écrit :
> Hi Martin:
> I am not subscribed to the list but I saw the response.
> I had tried to use the malta kernel but got an error that the mips bios 
> file could not be read and then a halt.  Is there particular magic that 
> can be used to avoid this?  I saw in a posting somewhere that this error 
> might be due to the wrong endianness but this should not have happened 
> with the procedure I used:
> 1. start the emulator
> 2. upgrade the kernel to 2.6.26 (malta)
> 3. take the vmlinux file and copy it to the host machine
> 4. use this kernel in the -kernel option of qemu-system-mipsel
> Possibly I have missed something?

The mips bios error is actually a warning, the execution continue.
Unfortunately we don't have a working bios for MIPS. Getting RedBoot
working is probably the best.

The problem you see is probably that you are not passing -M malta to
select the Malta Board emulation. Note that the default has changed
here. QEMU 0.9.1 is using the "mips" emulation as the default, while the
current SVN is using the "malta" on eas the default.


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