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Re: I need help with Linux on the Siemens rm 400 e server

Thomas Bogendoerfer schrieb:
On Sun, Aug 03, 2008 at 02:07:19PM +0200, Ullrich Buss wrote:
I have bought a few servers of the model Siemens rm 400e.

do you know the exact type ? There are at least E60 and E70 models.
I even saw some note about an E85 model. Could you post the
startup message or at least CPU type and speed ?

I have only the Sinix firmware for the servers (it is installed).

I am not able to boot from both diskette and cd-rom under the Sinix firmware. I try to use a debian-mips image.

there is no debian-mips image, which supports that machine, yet.

1. Where to get the NT-firmware of the Siemens rm400e in order to boot linux.

while the firmware gives a hint about switching over to NT firmware,
I never got a hand on that firmware (well I don't miss it either).

2. Which linux image is the best to use for this servers.

Linux has still some shortcomings on that machine. Current
linux-mips git tree supports only E60 machines in single cpu
mode (UP).


This is my collected state of the port. RM400E70 support is missing,
because I don't have such a beast. To get SMP running I'd need either
documentation or more time to reverse engineer it.


Dear Sirs,

the servers have different CPU's:
One has four CPU's of the modell:

NEC Japan

And the other has 2 CPU's of the modell:

NEC Japan
with 300 Mhz

The startup message is:

SNI 6.0010
Multi processor system 2 processors
ASIC (MAUI) Revision 2
R 12000 SC Revision 2.3
LAR (Logout Auto Recovery)
Mode enabled
Primary I-Cache size 32768 (0x8000)
Primary D-Cache size 32768 (0x8000)
Secondary Cache Size 8192 kbytes (0x800000 bytes)

This server is complete with the box (scsi data storage box)

the third I was unable to open. It looks like a big tower and has a scsi storage tower with it. I will looking for the handbook to find a way to open it (without damaging it)


I want to use the server with the data storage box with mysql, apache, ftp and samba for my merchandise planning and control system and for a central data storage. It runs in the moment on an older Siemes scenic workstation.


Thank you very much,

Ullrich Buss
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