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USB problems on SGI O2

So, after a few months, I finally had time to better test USB on SGI O2.
This is a small recap of what has been written in this bug report
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=493751 .

Basically, usb insertion/detection/removal work almost correctly: new
devices are detected, syslog report the kernel detection, udev get
activated and create a device file. When unplugging the device, kernel
log this event in syslog, but udev doesn't remove the device file.
Any new insertion create a new device file, while old device file are
kept on /dev/bus/usb/ .

/proc/bus/usb/devices always display correct information.

When the first device is plugged, it is possibile to use libusb to list
devices. An application (I only tried SANE) that tries to communicate
via libusb to these device will block and timeout.

>From this first error, no application will be able to even list devices
using libsub until reboot.

Accessing device without libusb, i.e. storage devices mounted with SCSI
emulation, still works.


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