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Re: I need help with Linux on the Siemens rm 400 e server

On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 11:46:15AM +0200, Ullrich Buss wrote:
> the servers have different CPU's:
> One has four CPU's of the modell:
> NEC Japan
> D30700LRS-250
> VR10000
> 9904E9002ES3.4

that's an E60

> And the other has 2 CPU's of the modell:
> NEC Japan
> VR12000
> with 300 Mhz

and that's an E70

> SNI 6.0010
> Multi processor system 2 processors
> ASIC (MAUI) Revision 2

ok, that's same ASIC as in my RM400 E60, so the current linux mips
kernel should support that machine as well.

> the third I was unable to open. It looks like a big tower and has a scsi 
> storage tower with it. I will looking for the handbook to find a way to 
> open it (without damaging it)

if you can get boot messages, that would be enough.

> I want to use the server with the data storage box with mysql, apache, 
> ftp and samba for my merchandise planning and control system and for a 
> central data storage. It runs in the moment on an older Siemes scenic 
> workstation.

hmm, I don't think support for RM400E is ready for mission critical
stuff and without SMP parts of that machines aren't even used.

Getting Sinix is probably not that easy, as Flo already wrote. The
last offer I saw on Ebay was over a year ago... Maybe one of the
RM resellers could help.



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