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Re: MIPS kernel snapshot testing

On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 04:44:38AM +0300, Jimmy Angelakos wrote:
> What would you suggest? fio? bonnie++? If you are aware of any 
> benchmarks that illustrate cache performance specifically, I can try 
> them out.

bonnie++ might be a good start.

> Another problem that I see, which looks more serious, is that the SCSI 
> subsystem has turned off write cache for the hdd, I have no idea why. I 
> tried using the older Adaptec SCSI driver in the kernel but it made no 
> difference.

that's a setting of the harddrive, the kernel just reads it and prints
it. Use sdparm to modify that setting.

   sdparm --set=WCE /dev/sda


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