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Re: MIPS port maintenance (debian-installer, kernel)

* Thorsten Zieleit <thorsten.zieleit@ceelight.de> [2008-03-18 21:03]:
> Stupid me. ;) OK understood. The installer loads the "old" kernel from
> the net and doesn't use the one of /nfsroot.
> I took out the HD and overwrite the kernel with above and it works now:

Sorry, I just realized there would have been a much easier way: you
could have loaded the kernel via the net but told it to boot from
disk (i.e. by editing /nfsroot/default.colo and by adding a
root=/dev/hdaX parameter).

> Please let me know if I should do some tests for you. Do you think I
> should test the 2.6.25 on the RaQ1? (How can I do this?)

Yes, that would be great.  Just download the kernel package and
install it with dpkg:

wget http://people.debian.org/~tbm/mips/kernel/r10906/linux-image-2.6.25-rc6-r5k-cobalt_2.6.25~rc6-1~experimental.1_mipsel.deb
sudo dpkg -i linux-image-2.6.25-rc6-r5k-cobalt_2.6.25~rc6-1~experimental.1_mipsel.deb
sudo reboot

Martin Michlmayr

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