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Re: MIPS port maintenance (debian-installer, kernel)

* Thorsten Zieleit <thorsten.zieleit@ceelight.de> [2008-03-17 22:50]:
> > Please take the installer from etch, replace the kernel with
> > http://merkel.debian.org/~tbm/tmp/vmlinux-2.6.18-6-r5k-cobalt and let
> > me know whether it works.
> >   
> Today came the RaQ1 with 64MB RAM and 10GB HD.
> I installed Debian with the kernel above (also changed the default.colo
> to point to the new kernel). Installation (on serial console) - no problem.
> After installation and reboot the last thing I see in the serial console
> (screen /dev/ttyS0 115200) is:

The kernel above has support for the serial console on the RaQ1
whereas the kernel in the archive doesn't.  So what you're seeing is
expected.  You could take out the hard drive, connect it to another
machine and replace the kernel file on the disk with the one above.
Alternatively, you could do another installation and before the
installer restarts, you could open a shell, chroot into the system and
install openssh-server.

Martin Michlmayr

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