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Re: MIPS port maintenance (debian-installer, kernel)

Martin Michlmayr schrieb:
> * Thorsten Zieleit <thorsten.zieleit@ceelight.de> [2008-03-09 18:32]:
>> I'll test the RaQ1. I'll get one within the next 10 days. I think the 
>> installation procedure (dhcp -> nfs etc...) is similar to the 
>> RaQ2/Qube2-procedure? I already have a Qube2 and RaQ2 up and running.
> Yes, the installation procedure is exactly the same.
> Please take the installer from etch, replace the kernel with
> http://merkel.debian.org/~tbm/tmp/vmlinux-2.6.18-6-r5k-cobalt and let
> me know whether it works.
Today came the RaQ1 with 64MB RAM and 10GB HD.

I installed Debian with the kernel above (also changed the default.colo
to point to the new kernel). Installation (on serial console) - no problem.

After installation and reboot the last thing I see in the serial console
(screen /dev/ttyS0 115200) is:

ide: LBA 20044080
ide: supports PIO mode 4
ide: mode 4 timing
ide: partition 1
ext2: revision 0
1> lcd 'Booting...' /dev/{mounted-volume}
1> -load /boot/default.colo
ext2: {boot/default.colo} --> {./default.colo}
000000bf 191t
1> -script
2> mount hda1
ext2: revision 0
2> load /vmlinux
ext2: {vmlinux} --> {vmlinux-2.6.18-6-r5k-cobalt}
00351191 3477905t
2> lcd "Booting Debian"
2> var cons_opts ''
2> -var cons_opts console=ttyS0,{console-speed}
2> execute root=/dev/hda2 {cons_opts}
elf32: 00080000 - 0033701f (802f3000) (ffffffff.80000000)
elf32: 80080000 (80080000) 2687110t + 159642t

No prompt and ssh is not yet installed so I can't get access to the
device. :-( Is there anything missing in the colo config that would
initiate the serial stuff? Do you need any additional information?

The LCD says: "<Date/Time> Debian GNU/Linux" so normal from my point of
view. As I know it from the RaQ2 and Qube2.

Any ideas?



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