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Re: O2 boot

On Thu, Mar 13, 2008 at 10:37:34PM +0100, boris wrote:
> http://www.debian.org/releases/testing/mips/apcs05.html.en says:  
> It can be created in the fdisk expert menu. 
> But fdisk states: Sorry, no experts menu for SGI ....
> Are there some new informations?

fdisk is a piece of crap and code nobody touches its code without pain.

You can trick fdisk into the expert menu by creating a dos label (i
think its 'o') and then you can enter the expert menu with x and create
and SGI disklabel with 'g' i think. Then you can return into the main
menu with 'r' IIRC.

But be warned - there are more bugs lurking in fdisks code which get
triggered with SGI disklabels. For instance you can create a partition
from cyl 1 to cyl 100 - Createing the next partition just offers 0 and 1
as the starting cylinder which both wont be accepted. So in the end you
need to start createing the SGI disklabels partitions from back to

Proper fdisk/parted support is also one the reasons the Siemens RM
support has not gone further. The RM series uses SGI Disklabels too but
additionally needs another partition table with different format at
the end of the disk.

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