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Re: debian and fulong

We are working on a revised version of Fulong, it should be much better on IO performance, and with significantly lower power and dynamically controlled fan(if ever needed) too. Also this version will be RoHS/CE clean which means it can enter Europe market freely:) The expected show up time is around 2008.1.

And For Stuart, you can :

apt-get install openoffice.org-l10n-en-us (set the debian source to www.lemote.com/debian, it might be out of access with 1-2 days because we are upgrading the disk)
to get a English version.

In fact we have a better office suit (by a Chinese vendor, based on JAVA) then OOo, unfortunately with Chinese locale again. Current OOo on Fulong has some minor bugs, I am always trying to find time to fix then, but it seens to be too time consuming...

Stuart Longland 写道:
Giuseppe Sacco wrote:
Il giorno dom, 10/06/2007 alle 23.05 +0800, Tian ha scritto:
java is available, we have ported sun java 1.5, and now working on 1.6.
flash is also available, but it's too slow, we don't have time to make any optimization on it.
well we maintain the kernel ourselves of course.

Thanks for all you answers. One more question: how much noise the
machine produce? (I am looking for something that should stay switched
on forever on a room where people (rarely) sleep.)
I read somewhere on the web about people complaining that Fulong only
have one fan (for CPU, hard disk and video adapter) that is always on.

They're no worse than your typical modern (wintel) laptop.  There's a
little noise produced, and they do give off a little heat.

But considering they draw what... about 20W versus an equivalent x86
desktop which would easily draw 100W ... I'm not complaining. :-)

They're easily fast enough to get my day-to-day workload done.  Even
with big packages like OpenOffice.org.  Lemote have a version of OO.o
2.0 localised in Chinese... makes it fun for someone like myself who
doesn't speak the language to navigate -- but it works rather well.

I'm thinking I should attempt this on Gentoo at some point (I have it
going in a Debian Etch chroot, along with Java) ... but I'm not looking
forward to this -- it was 18 hours on my dual PIII 1GHz w/ 1GB RAM.  The
two boxes here run at the stock 660MHz, and have 512MB RAM (upgraded
from 256MB).

Fuxin Zhang

Vice Researcher
Microprocessor Research Center, Institute of Computing Technology
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, 100080
Email: fxzhang@ict.ac.cn


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