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Re: Fwd: Debian 4 on Qube 2700

I am seeing the exact same symptoms on my Qube 2700.  For what it's worth you can install debian sarge using the tar ball install method described at:


The image can be downloaded at:


I tried upgrading to etch using apt but the 2.6 kernel seemed to fail with the same networking issue.  So right now I'm stuck using sarge.

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Thanks for the extra input guys -- I've not yet managed to get the
machine working properly, but have a few more detailed observations.

The Qube boot sequence is this :-
Power on
"Starting up..."
Network port flicks on, then off
"BOOT SELECTION" hda,nfs,tftp,shell
Select NFS
"Booting ..."
Network port goes active
Traffic is detected on server - NFS mount /nfsroot, read default.colo
"BOOT SELECTION" install ssh, install serial, rescue ssh, rescue serial
Select Install SSH (or timeout, does the same thing)
"Starting the installer (SSH)"
Network traffic - mount /nfsroot, read ssh_initrd.gz, read
(NSF read offset requests indicate the entire file has been read - the
offset numbers get to 2982912, which is ~> file size of 2935189)
Network card goes off
Nothing Happens ...

So it doesn't look like CoLo has a problem in the first instance. I
couldn't reliably get the "Console off" menu Peter referred to, I saw
it once and selected "off" but couldn't get it again. Hopefully not
important ...

But it's not clear that CoLo is actually handing control over to the
new kernel ... especially as the LCD doesn't change.


(Sry Peter, accidentally replied-to you directly instead of the list)

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