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Re: Several packages whose page size is 4k.

I rechecked that it is true.
libcap1 was updated at 21-Dec 2006.
but the two other were not updated.

thanks a lot for your work!!

Thiemo Seufer Wrote
Thiemo Seufer wrote:
Fuxin Zhang wrote:
Maybe I should explain what is mentioned "page size".

It refers to ELF_MAXPAGESIZE in binutils. In old binutils it is 4KB and
recently extended to 64KB to meet the requirement of SVR4 MIPS ABI.

Most packages in debian etch are built using new binutils, so they are
working fine with a kernel using 16KB as its page size. But we do find
that in base system there are three exceptional packages: ed, mawk and
libcap1. They would prevent the using of 16KB kernel.

If the maintainer recompile them using the same toolchain as the one
using for most packages, this problem will disappear.
Sounds reasonable, I'll see what can be done.
After a more thorough check it seems libcap1 was already rebuilt.

Just to clarify, the stable distribution won't change, those rebuilds
are only for unstable/testing.



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