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Re: Several packages whose page size is 4k.

Thiemo Seufer wrote:
> Fuxin Zhang wrote:
> > Maybe I should explain what is mentioned "page size".
> > 
> > It refers to ELF_MAXPAGESIZE in binutils. In old binutils it is 4KB and
> > recently extended to 64KB to meet the requirement of SVR4 MIPS ABI.
> > 
> > Most packages in debian etch are built using new binutils, so they are
> > working fine with a kernel using 16KB as its page size. But we do find
> > that in base system there are three exceptional packages: ed, mawk and
> > libcap1. They would prevent the using of 16KB kernel.
> >
> > If the maintainer recompile them using the same toolchain as the one
> > using for most packages, this problem will disappear.
> Sounds reasonable, I'll see what can be done.

After a more thorough check it seems libcap1 was already rebuilt.

Just to clarify, the stable distribution won't change, those rebuilds
are only for unstable/testing.


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