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Re: System halt after a short time

Il giorno mar, 03/04/2007 alle 09.36 -0400, J. Scott Kasten ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Let's try something to quickly differentiate between your machine and your 
> install.
> Are you fortunate enough that you still have an earlier 2.6.17 or other 
> kernel package still installed on the machine?  Can you boot the older 
> kernel from the prom?  It would be interesting to know if the box comes 
> up.
> Perhaps you still have your netboot or CD boot stuff set up from the 
> original install?  If you boot into that and just let it sit, does it go 
> down?

I managed to restart the SGI with the Debian installer and I got the
same problem during a phase called "download release file". So I am
pretty sure this is an hardware problem. I'll try to investigate further
on this.


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