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System halt after a short time

Hi all,
I updated my SGI o2 to etch (I updated last time one week ago) and I got
the new kernel package (same version: 2.6.18-4).

No, I cannot boot my system anymore. When I poweron tha machine I see
all messages on the console until exim start. When it is starting the
system goes off.

I tried to start in single user and I noticed that, anything I do, the
machine poweroff after two minuntes and 6 second from the arcboot load.

I mean: I left the machine waiting at the root password prompt; I left
the normal startup process going, I interend single user and typed
command like "date", "sync", "mount".

Anything I do, the machine will poweroff after 2:06 from the start of
linux kernel loading.

Is there any way I could investigate this problem?


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