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Re: Want to run Debian on a WRTSL54GS

2006/12/21, Tomasz Chmielewski <mangoo@wpkg.org>:

If you didn't order your device yet, consider ASUS WL-500g Premium (or
Deluxe, although its CPU is only 200 MHz):

And it sports a removable antenna, which the SL does not! However,
mine has just undergone a small surgery to add an antenna jack.

However, I didn't find any dealer here in Brazil nor any one that
would ship this way.

Its specs are similar to WRTSL54GS (well, these ASUSes have 2 USB ports,
and WRT has only one).

Whatever, as I am already using a USB hub to connect other devices.

Perhaps it's possible to run Debian on WRTSL54GS, too, using the
instructions from that page.

I'll try it anyway. I very fond (or used to) of Debian and is quite a
pain to have another linux distro to admin.

Debian, GIS, gpsd, OpenWRT user and wannabe-devel
Lives @ -22.915 -42.224

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