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Re: Want to run Debian on a WRTSL54GS

Paulo Marcondes wrote:
Hi All,

Just to mention that I'm subscribing because I have the intention of
running debian on the linksys router.
Nowadays I am running OpenWRT White Russian RC6, and managed to
semi-brick it two weeks ago. I was trying to boot it from the attached
USB disk, and did some really stupid thing - had to resort to failsafe
to get it working again.

I am planning to buy another box, so I can play safely on this one =]

So, you may count on me to do some testing, but I don't code, so It
may be slow if things needs to get fixed.

Well, as soon as this christmas and new year thing is gone, I may
order a new box (too much spending this season).

If you didn't order your device yet, consider ASUS WL-500g Premium (or Deluxe, although its CPU is only 200 MHz):


Its specs are similar to WRTSL54GS (well, these ASUSes have 2 USB ports, and WRT has only one).

Perhaps it's possible to run Debian on WRTSL54GS, too, using the instructions from that page.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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